Massacred Village

One day In 1999, the next day of the beginning of the NATO´s bombing campaign against Yugoslav military, the Serbian forces in tanks and armed vehicles marched into a small Kosovo Albanian village in Kosovo. The Serbian forces with help of the Serb villagers rounded up all Kosovo Albanians in the village. While they forced the women and children under 12 years old to leave the village, they took the 109 boys and men (from 13 yeras old to 77 years old) to a barn in the village.  The Serbs shot all the men from behind with machine guns, and later set fire on the barn. In 2007, eight years after the war, for the fist time, 20 bodies were found and identified as the victims of this massacre. Meanwhile, no one knows what happened to the other 91 victims. Currently, they are registered as missing. In Kosovo after the war, 5,982 people were registered as missing. As of March 2007, still 2,105 people are missing.

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